The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into the jobs market, causing havoc within the global workforce. But if your job only requires software, coding, or web development, you’re in luck! As it so happens, programmers remain in hot supply, especially so since work-from-home is something we’re all stuck with. On top of that, companies are quickly ascending to cloud technologies.

Thus, the demand for anyone who can read and write code is hotly contested right now. As a result, the salaries of software developers are on the rise across the board, including here in the UK. Back in 2019, the average yearly salary for developers was just around £48,000. Here and now, just as 2021 is coming to a close, those same programmers are earning as much as £54,000 on average.

The Top-12 Best Paying Developer Roles

The hunt for skilled developers continue, so here are the top-12 best paying software roles here in the UK…

Chief Architect – £100,000 to £120,000

  • Their primary role is guiding businesses to transform their IT and digital infrastructure.

Head Of Engineering – £91,000 to £105,000

Lead Engineer – £65,250 to £77,250

  • These commanding engineers oftentimes find themselves as the middlemen between the company executives, and the core development team. Their job may involve setting headcount or budgets for the developers under their wing.

Cloud Engineer – £55,000 to £61,000

  • Tasked with programming and thus maintaining cloud networks, cloud engineers are highly sought after as more companies are moving their businesses online.

Full-Stack Developer – £48,000 to £65,000

Back-End Developer – £46,000 to £65,250

Front-End Developer – £46,000 to £65,250

  • They represent the muscle of a company’s software development process. Front-end developers are seeing a faster rise in salaries comparatively.

DevOps Manager – £66,000 to £74,000

DevOps Engineer – £57,500 to £66,000

  • DevOps involves a lot of problem-solving, most notably around software and automation. On top of that, they’ll also have to be the messenger between conventional operations staff and developers.

Test Manager – £48,250 to £58,250

Applications Support – £39,500 to £49,000

Test Analyst – £35,000 to £40,000

  • Software testing and support entail making sure that new programs are functional, and aren’t ridden with bugs.