This could very well be one of the biggest releases for Java in recent years, as they’re gearing up for the public release of its Java Development Kit 18 update soon. Java 18 won’t just come with a vast array of under-the-hood enhancements in its code, but also introduce a myriad of new features. 9 of them, in fact, that have been proposed thus far and could leave a huge impact, indeed.

The highlight is its inclusion of ‘deprecation finalization for removal’, which was originally intended to help prevent resource leaks. JDK 18’s first ramp-down phase will initiate on December 9th, 2021, with phase two launching on January 20th, 2022. Following that, an initial release candidate will arrive on February 10th, with its final release candidate coming along on February 24th.

What’s Included?

If you’re expecting general widespread availability of the JDK 18 update, expect that around March 22nd, 2022. Should you be keen on holding out, then Oracle will still provide at least 8 years’ worth of support for JDK 17. The latter’s most recent update on September 14th was attached with long-term support (LTS) plan. Alas, JDK 18 is a short-term release, with support only for 6 months.

For now, here’s a list of new features that’ll come with Java’s largest overhaul in years…

  • Deprecation Finalization For Removal
  • UTF-8 Character Set By Default
  • Simple Web Server
  • Code Snippets In Java API Documentation
  • Reimplement Core Reflection With Method Handles
  • Vector API (Third Incubator)
  • Internet-Address Resolution SPI
  • Foreign Function And Memory API (Second Incubator)
  • Pattern Matching For Switch (Second Preview)