For the vast majority of digital-age folks out there, a text editor is nothing more than a back-to-basics word processor for those who aren’t ready to pony up for a subscription. Or, they may see it as a sort of minimalistic typing interface, which is no doubt great for focused writers or bloggers. But if you’re a programmer or a developer, having featureful free text editors is a must-have in your toolset. After all, code... Read More »

The most pressing and worrying bit of news to have made waves in recent days and weeks is Log4j2. We’re talking about a zero-day vulnerability with one of the most popular and well-used libraries in the widely adopted Java Virtual Machine. It’s not a surprise then, that a gaping security hole in JVM has thrown the web community in a bit of a panic. So far, thousands of sites have been affected. Thankfully, your favourite... Read More »