As a consumer, it can be easy to take technological developments for granted. However, the ways in which developing technology has improved something like online gaming might be more subtle and impactful than you realize, especially where software development is concerned.

If you feel as though the online gaming experience is more robust now than it was ten years ago, you know where to look for how these improvements came to be. This can make you appreciate aspects of this experience more, and it might even encourage you to explore elements of online gaming that you haven’t previously tried.


With so many people using online gaming platforms, it makes sense that there are threats looking to exploit them through scams and targeted attacks. In order for online gaming on the whole to continue to be able to thrive as it does, there needs to be sufficient security in place every step of the way.

Sometimes, this security might stem from your router, or from your device, or even from the game and the servers that the developers use. However, it might also stem from the platform that you use. If you visit to play your online games of choice, you might do so because this platform is capable of offering you robust security as well as a wide variety of games. An encrypted platform is going to be all the more important when money is involved, and platforms like casinos can use this to appear more marketable to their audiences.


One of the pillars of online gaming is how it connects you to other players. Without this, how would you be able to play team games? This connection to the internet has stemmed from improvements to both the source of the connection and the stability offered by your device in this regard.

However, with more and more devices from more and more places capable of offering this improved connection, this means that more people are able to play games and have a stable internet connection throughout, meaning fewer disruptions.

This connectivity can also be seen in how players interact with each other. Many games allow for a party chat that allows them to be heard by each other but not their opposing teams, while others allow these communications to be more widespread; all decisions that had to be carefully considered and developed.

The Cloud

As always, looking to the cloud can also help to explain some of the developments in more recent times. The ways that the cloud has been utilized in gaming have been varied, from allowing you easier ways to save your progress and retrieve your saves across different platforms to letting you stream games through services like GeForce Now.

The ultimate result is that player are provided with a more flexible and varied gaming experience. Making online gaming more accessible to more people is obviously going to be beneficial to the games themselves, after all, making how they utilize the cloud important.