The NPM Registry is one of the world’s largest centers for sharing JavaScript codes, with over a million packages in its databases. It’s no wonder then, that NPM has become a target for many malicious actors on the web. This has led recently to two separate security breaches, targeting NPM’s registries directly. In response, GitHub – which bought NPM, and is now the caretaker for its free code packages and registries – will require users to adopt... Read More »

This could very well be one of the biggest releases for Java in recent years, as they’re gearing up for the public release of its Java Development Kit 18 update soon. Java 18 won’t just come with a vast array of under-the-hood enhancements in its code, but also introduce a myriad of new features. 9 of them, in fact, that have been proposed thus far and could leave a huge impact, indeed. The highlight is... Read More »