For the vast majority of digital-age folks out there, a text editor is nothing more than a back-to-basics word processor for those who aren’t ready to pony up for a subscription. Or, they may see it as a sort of minimalistic typing interface, which is no doubt great for focused writers or bloggers. But if you’re a programmer or a developer, having featureful free text editors is a must-have in your toolset. After all, code... Read More »

The most pressing and worrying bit of news to have made waves in recent days and weeks is Log4j2. We’re talking about a zero-day vulnerability with one of the most popular and well-used libraries in the widely adopted Java Virtual Machine. It’s not a surprise then, that a gaping security hole in JVM has thrown the web community in a bit of a panic. So far, thousands of sites have been affected. Thankfully, your favourite... Read More »

WebAssembly has been highly praised for its efficient and performant instruction format, which has long served the purpose of making web browsing that much faster. Recently, it has just celebrated its version 1.0 status and marked it with a bang by publishing its own WebAssembly core specifications. This is momentous news, as it begins a new chapter for high-level and complex languages. For example, C, C++, or Rust, which can now all run on your... Read More »

Rewind time to just a few years ago, and Adobe’s Flash Player was ubiquitous. Online games, video sharing platforms, GIFs, and so much more, as long as playing web media was concerned, had to use Flash to some degree. But as the web matured, new technologies came along, and by comparison, Flash Player seemed outdated. Worse, it was riddled to no end with security flaws. Its antiquated service enabled us to enjoy online media for... Read More »

While Google may have the world’s most well-used search engine and the most popular browser, it still has to play ball with countless other tech companies that surf the web. The most prominent of them is Microsoft. Among many factors that create tensions with developers, problems concerning compatibility between browsers are right up there. This woe seems, thankfully, on the cusp of change. Microsoft and Google, two gargantuan and powerful tech companies, have joined forces... Read More »

Did you know, that at least half of the world’s population has some exposure to Google’s products or services? Whether it’s Android, Google Chrome, Gmail, or its eponymous search engine, it’s become a household name. It’s thus exciting – from a geeky perspective, at least – whenever Google plans on launching something to help improve the end-user experience that bit more, like new APIs. These were courtesy of an announcement back on May 18th, where... Read More »

JavaScript has, over these past 25 years in existence, spawned numerous open-source engines and frameworks by third parties. Among the most recognized ones comes from none other than Google, whose V8 engine is the foundation to what powers billions of Chromium-based web browsers. As a high-speed development engine, it’s gone through evolutionary growth since 2008. Now, V8 JavaScript performance running on Google Chrome or Chromium-based browsers will only get faster from here. It’s thanks in... Read More »

Vercel’s Next.js is among the world’s leading frameworks for web development, counting some of the largest companies relying on its open-source codebase. It was first built atop programs created on the React JavaScript libraries, and its users include the likes of Netflix, Uber, GitHub, or Starbucks. Well, they can now rejoice, as the latest Next.js 11 update brings a host of performance tune-ups. These tweaks inevitably result in a respectable gain in performance. Most notably,... Read More »

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench into the jobs market, causing havoc within the global workforce. But if your job only requires software, coding, or web development, you’re in luck! As it so happens, programmers remain in hot supply, especially so since work-from-home is something we’re all stuck with. On top of that, companies are quickly ascending to cloud technologies. Thus, the demand for anyone who can read and write code is hotly contested... Read More »

PHP is among the most well-known and widely adopted scripting languages out there. Most notably, it has been used in far-reaching parts across web development since the early days. Hence, why there’s no shortage of buzz whenever a new update comes along, and PHP 8.1 seeks to bring quite a lot of new features and improvements to the table. This comes just one year after the release of the 8.0 update. Its 8.1 upgrades were... Read More »